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Let's Make a Podcast

This little (or as it turns out not so "little") project began with one simple phrase: "Why not?"

Yeah! Why not?!

Why not make a podcast?

Why not raise up the voices of young women in recovery?

Why not be loud, and vulnerable, and a little daring?

Why not encourage authenticity and healing in a world that tells you that you need to be perfect?

...Well, turns out that when you ask yourself that question, your brain can come up with ten thousand reasons to NOT. Quite quickly in fact. Here's a list that that lovely liar sitting on my shoulder whispered to me, just to name a few:

-You've never done it before.

-People won't listen to it.

-You have a weird laugh.

-What if your ex-boyfriend hears this?

-What if your old therapist hears this?

-What if that doctor who told you you'd never get sober because you spent more time straightening your hair than you did participating in support groups hears this? (In his defense, at the time that was true).

-You know those girls with awesome recovery that have it all figured out? The ones that you look up to? THEY should be making a podcast, not YOU.

-What if you have a set back?

-What if people disagree with you?

-What if you put your whole heart out there for the world to see and you're rejected?

To sum it up: What if you're just not enough?

I wish I could tell you that I immediately called on my courage and said, "Ha! So what! I'm going to do it anyway!" ...but that would be a lie... and this podcast is all about being real.

The truth is that I've sat on the idea of making a podcast about recovery for a while. I've always loved podcasts and I searched for a while to find one that was for me. You know, the REAL me. The one who has battled tooth and nail to overcome addiction. The one who has learned how to take off her masks and be herself. The one who isn't done growing and has to keep taking off those masks because she finds new ones all the time. The one who has to live one day at a time. The one who's sick of the lies that the world around her tells her about who she is or is supposed to be. The REAL me.

But, even though selfishness is enough to drive a lot of my behaviors (still working on that one), it wasn't enough to inspire any kind of real action. No, I needed a real motivator: something or someONE outside of myself. All meaningful work begins with the selfless desire to lift up someone else.

My work has given me the opportunity become close with a lot of young people and high school students, many of whom are searching for or in long-term recovery. It's also taken me to conferences about drug use and prevention, and face to face with parents who were frightened that their son or daughter might be addicted or have an eating disorder or x, y, or z. I can't tell you how many people I've met that look at the darkness at their doorsteps and feel hopeless or powerless or see no way out.

And something about that really started to bother me: Why is that that no one seems to know that you don't have to wait until you're 40 to embrace a new type of life? Why are we giving up instead of encouraging young people on their journey? Why is "recovery" talked about like a death sentence?

Hellooooooo?? Can anybody hear me?!?

...I think you see where this is going...

So, I've decided that I'm going to risk it. It's taken a lot of prayer and plenty of Brenne Brown videos and audiobooks to get to this point, but I have a few faces and names in mind who I'm clutching close to my heart as I make this podcast for them, and ultimately for you.

This podcast if for the REAL you.

Recovery is REAL. Whether that be from substance use, an eating disorder, an abusive relationship, unhealthy spending habits, a tragedy, a trauma- you name it. We all need someone to walk beside us on our journey as we embrace a new way of life. It takes hard work looking at what "makes us up" on the inside, but the result is authenticity, healing, and true connection.

That's recovery guys. And it's awesome.

So why not?! Well, my brain tells me that there are plenty of reasons to NOT, but my heart tells me that there are thousands more reasons TO, you being one of them.

Alright, let's make a podcast!

This pretty much sums up how making a podcast feels.

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